Cara Wulan Guritno berMASTURBASI, ouchh…

Masturbasi Artis Seksi Wulan GuritnoGila! Artis (selebritis) Wulan Guritno lebih baik bermasturbasi ketika tidak bisa menuntaskan hasrat sexualnya langsung kepada suaminya. Aturan masturbasi ini  berlaku dan diterapkan setelah browsing via internet (cari referensi?-red), dan cara masturbasi inilah yang ia cari… Ouchhh…. !!!

Kalender Artis Seksi Wulan Guritno

Artis Seksi Wulan Guritno

Inilah kutipan beritanya yang beredar:

JAKARTA, – The sensation of acting quality is exposed by one of the Indonesian prominent actresses, Wulan Guritno, through her latest movie, “18+, True Love Never Dies”. Acting as Retno, Wulan Guritno starred the role of a mother with one kid and a gay husband.

To fulfill the sexual drive that can not be addressed by her husband, the mother browses fantasies on internet before completing them with masturbation. “This role is challenging for me and this is what I am looking for,” said Wulan at the Planet Hollywood, Jakarta, Tuesday.

To grip the role, Wulan sacrificed herself thoroughly by taking total involvement on it. “I need to totally grasp and concentrate on it as if I enjoyed it. I did that as it is required in the script,” uttered the mother blessed with one daughter from her first marriage.

“Besides consulting with the director, I also took references from several movies, one of them is movie festival.”

“Acting the role is quite tough as I had to starr it without taboos and that’s the complicated part. Frankly, I experienced the hotchpotch feelings as I acted. I felt excited as I was offered the role that is compulsive and challenging.”

Wulan admitted that she had to have the scene retaken several times as she found it difficult to act the part. “Several retakes were enough as I was supposed not to expose the excitement or the other way around. Fortunately, we got the right expression,” she mentioned it cheerfully.

Any kind of depression to act that? “Indeed, yes, as at the other side I had to imagine how to work it out. Supplied with inputs and references, I finally did it anyway.” (EH)

Oh, begitu ternyata… smart juga ya cara (bermasturbasi) selebritis kita ini untuk menghindari perbuatan dosa, daripada punya selingkuhan baru ala artis top Indonesia lainnya…

Ada yang kepengen ikutan gak…?!?

4 thoughts on “Cara Wulan Guritno berMASTURBASI, ouchh…

  1. Pulsa Murah January 27, 2010 / 4:14 PM

    Mau dong ikutan…

    Menghayalin doi dari jauh aja udah syur…, apalagi “bareng-bareng”….

  2. trek 2010 bike collection February 19, 2010 / 4:32 PM

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